Can DU make you an ENGINEER?

yaa DU can make engineers because there no jobs for engineers so whatever they made it does not effect any student life but certainly effect and increase money to laundering for them.

sometime before engineer was a name for brand who do have something great, have ability to explore world but here who want to explore India and world only want to explore their black money (black money means white money is now being impossible to make).

student doing bTech and looking for a job if can give for free (without payment) salaried jobs are now dreams.


imagesAmong the various changes that have been introduced in Delhi University this year, the most significant one has been the conversion of many courses into Btech courses. In all, DU has converted some six odd courses-computer science, electronics, instrumentation, psychological science, polymer science and food technology – that were earlier a Bsc or BA to Btech.

The Delhi University Officials have justified the change by saying that the university had taken this huge step for the benefit of students as this will make them eligible for Mtech courses in premier institutes like IIT, Jamia etc. Till now IIT’s admitted students in their Mtech courses but now with these new Btech courses the students can take admissions in their Mtech courses right away and thus they will be able to save a year. However, the IIT’s have a completely different take on this matter. According to them they have…

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